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Beynac: A village … storyline from the past!

29 July 2015

Trip advisor-people re-el magazineIn the village of Beynac-et-Cazenac time seems to have stopped somewhere in the Middle Ages,….read more



Malls where you have fun without shopping

25 July 2015

trip advisor-people re-el magazineCool alternative entertainment makes the shopping unnecessary. Water parks, ski slopes, canals with gondolas and ….read more



This is the most beautiful island in the world [photos]

24 July 2015

TRIP ADVISOR-people re-el magazineThe readers probably of the most valid travel magazine in the world, Conde Nast Traveller, voted Palawan ….read more



The 10 smallest countries in the world!

22 July 2015

PHOTO 1 Malvides-trip advisor-people re-el magazineThere are many who say that “the rare perfumes are included in small bottles” and are quite right, as there is….read more



The five most inexpensive destinations in the world

20 July 2015

trip advisor people re-el magazineIn the minds of our holiday in the most famous places equivalent to months economy. Africa and Europe are….read more



Impressive waterfalls of the world

19 July 2015

The waterfalls create amazing spectacle in nature and transform any landscape. The water works of nature are scattered in….read more



Cities at very high altitude!

18 July 2015

ipsometro1-trip advisor-people re-el magazineJust as the tiny bacteria, so people adapt to their environment and learn to live even in extreme conditions….read more



The most lonely … home of the world!

17 July 2015

spitipotami1people re-er magazineDrina river flows through Serbia in length of 350 kilometers and an ideal habitat of rare birds and animals, ….read more



Trip to “Golden Horn” – Meet the beach which changes position depending on the wind

16 July 2015

The beach Golden Horn is essentially a “language” of land protruding into the sea, the edge of which consists of fine, white sand. …. read more



The first “floating” state in the world!

15 July 2015

kiribati1-trip advisor-people re-el magazineThe islands of Kiribati have been inhabited since 3000 BC but if the sea level keeps rising there will be a serious problem. ….read more




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