The most beautiful oases in the world!

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4 August 2015

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Deserts are among the most inhospitable places in the world, with high temperatures, sandstorms, drought and scorching heat. However, the landscape is impressive, with the endless horizon and the unlimited sand … The scene is eerie and often attracts the interest of travelers and photographers for some adventure and some unique shots, respectively. And somewhere in the endless dry landscape spring small oases of green where vegetation and water element strongly make their appearance on the hot sand. Small havens that invite guests to forget for a while the hot landscape and enjoy moments fairy …

5. Ubari (Libya)

4. Huacachina (Peru)

3. Ein Gedi (Israel)

2. Chebika (Tunisia)

1. Timia (Niger)

Tags:travel, europe travel, accommodation Sydney, corporate travel,



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