The five most inexpensive destinations in the world

20 July 2015

Dominican Republic with 20 euros and Venice with 14; Yes it is true.

In the minds of our holiday in the most famous places equivalent to months economy. Africa and Europe are ideal destinations but several times expensive and inaccessible.

How, though, if a night in the Dominican Republic costs just 20 euros?


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Located on the southern tip of the African continent, Republic of South Africa was for centuries a mystery to the peoples of Europe. This is a country with large areas that are sometimes green, close to beautiful beaches, as in southwestern Cape and sometimes is dry and arid as the encounters in the savannah of North West Cape. Apart from the shocking nature that most know that has this country and apart from the experience of safari we all pretty much would like to experience, South Africa has cosmopolitan cities that can offer tourists special hospitality. Known for its beaches but also for life, a trip to Africa is living a dream. Turning to accommodation, the hotel Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard dropped its prices by 8%, while with only 15 euros you can enjoy a walk around the Kruger National Park.


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Venice is built on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and joined by bridges and is one of the most famous holiday destinations, especially for couples. The whole town is recorded as a World Heritage Site, along with the lagoon, where you can enjoy a ride on the gondolas. Lowering prices, tourism increased more, so now one can stay in a 3-star hotel with just 14 euros per night.


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Dominican Republic: The island that Christopher Columbus enchanted by the natural beauty of described as the most beautiful land that have seen the human eye. In the Caribbean Sea, somewhere between Cuba and Puerto Rico, is the second largest island of the region after Cuba. An island with green mountains, deserts with cactus, rainforests and pristine beaches where you can enjoy the luxury hotel Plaza Real Resort with only 25 euros per night.


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Argentina, country of tango, football, with the variety of natural landscapes and the intense cultural activity make the puzzle of the second largest country in Latin America.

It has some of the tallest mountains in the world, impressive waterfalls, soil diversity, remote areas in southern Patagonia and the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires, in the north.

Nature lovers can cross Patagonia walk among thousands of penguins and to witness the most amazing waterfalls in the world.

While those who prefer art can visit the most famous cultural centers of the “South Africa Paris” as the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires or the Teatro Colon paying 6 euros.


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Local cuisine with rich flavors and many historic sites await you in Atlantic Canada. An evening in the traditional Country Hearth Inn Atlantic City is not costs 35 euros while with another 6 euros you can visit the Fisheries Museum.