Taking breakfast with …..sharks!

28 June 2015

Paved the table, they placed the crockery and sat comfortably on chairs waiting for the guests to take their breakfast. Ordinary things! With a small difference: The hosts are three “brave” divers and their guests 15 sharks!

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Many or few does not matter since we are talking about sharks! In essence what we see taking place in the “Sea Life Aquarium” in London, where a table was placed at the bottom of a large glass tank with sharks. Then divers took their seats and voila! A setting, storyline from “Jaws shark No3” in front of you!

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Not to scare you, though. The “stunt” this demonstration marks the beginning of an effort aquarium to put an end to the myths that exist around sharks, that are “bloodthirsty sea monsters” and nothing else.

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The curator of the aquarium Mr. Jamie Oliver says: “We want to question in any way the terrible -and unfair- reputation have sharks as bloodthirsty killers. What is the better way to do this than to take our breakfast with them? “!

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Guests have the opportunity to admire the “show” behind glass, enjoying a unique image. As for the adventurous divers? They seem to enjoy it with the above. Besides, “the end justifies the means”!

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Source: perierga.gr