Switzerland: Sunshine and ….different

9 July 2015

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Worth seeing

Big cities and small, winter resorts and summer, the main mountains, rivers, channels… Everything is great.


What you can buy

All kind of Swiss watches from inexpensive and modern to very expensive and classic, and other handmade from cuckoo clocks to watches assembly bearings … also masks persons candy witch, embroidery, wood carvings, cheeses and special knives for them, accessory for fondue, Swiss pocket knives various shapes and sizes and of course chocolates.

What to taste

In romantic Switzerland outside the traditional cheese fondue -Various cooked, ie in liquid form; that is enjoyed only in an appropriate atmosphere (dark or dusk), there is the Raclette of the Valais, accompanied by baked potatoes with the peel. German Switzerland the kitchen is heavier and meals include meats with extremely wide variety of sausages.


Switzerland is among the few countries where the person can not give a tip. It includes almost everywhere. We recommend that you give to the porters and taxi drivers.


2 things that are not to be missed!

1. The mansion of the United Nations

Whoever arrives in Geneva the first greeting address to be is the United Nations headquarters located in a beautiful park adjacent to the Botanical garden, rich in all kinds of plants. The building was built in 1927 as the headquarters of the League of Nations and now home to the European UN.

2. The monument reform

A major attraction of Geneva, which is visited by thousands of tourists from around the world, is the monument of the reform. It is a 100m long wall with fourfold sculpture complex of Calvinist Reformation.


2 things that are not to be missed!

1. go to Grossmunster

Your first visit to Zurich will surely bring you to the Cathedral, which is the largest church in Switzerland, Romanesque. Near the metropolis will see Vaserkirche. A church of the 15th century.

2.Member States visit St. Pierre

The Cathedral of st. Pierre was built between 1160 and 1232 and is a mixture of many architectural styles. When you visit do not hesitate to climb the 157 steps of the spiral staircase of the north tower and you will have a panoramic view of the city. After the Reformation the cathedral Calvinists.

Source: www.aerotickets.gr