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21 November 2015

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It might be a simple outing but sharing the view of a glorious sunrise is an awesome date. You can do it from your own yard, balcony or roof, or you can travel to some amazing places and watch as the sun wakes up the world and bathes it in light.


Cape Town, South Africa

PHOTO CREDITTo see one of the best sunrises in the world, sunrise gazers must scale the heights of South Africa’s Table Mountain, the plateau that overlooks Cape Town and South Africa’s most photographed landmark. Be prepared to be gobsmacked and dazzled when the sun lights up 180 degrees of the horizon with every conceivable shade of orange, yellow and red.

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Hydra, Greece

PHOTO CREDITAs part of the Saronic Islands, Hydra was already a much-loved sun gazer’s spot among artists in antiquity. Just an hour’s ferry ride from Athens, Hydra is a pedestrian haven where motorized vehicles are not allowed to pollute the peaceful setting or rising of the sun. Take a pew at the western side of the crescent-shaped harbor, preferably in the company of a cool drink, and watch the fishermen set out in their colorful boats on the opposite side of the island when the day is dawning and sardines are sleepy.


Joshua Tree National Park, California

PHOTO CREDITOne of the best sunrises in North America can be enjoyed by happy campers of the Jumbo Rocks campsite. Scramble up the huge rocks littering the Joshua Tree National Park near the campsite and follow the searing sun’s progress, as it rises above the bizarre shapes of the trees.

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Petoskey, Northern Michigan

PHOTO CREDITIf you’re going to watch Petoskey sunrises in winter, you’d better dress for arctic climes, for its gets awfully cold in Northern Michigan, but it’s worth it for dawn spectators get dazzled by the sun’s reflection in the vast lake’s surface. Lined by a number of picturesque resort towns and fishing villages, Petoskey and Traverse Bay are unforgettable holiday destinations for sunrise gazers.


Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

PHOTO CREDITBe among the first inhabitants on earth to see the daily sunrise. Hiking along New Zealand’s Kepler Track in Fiordland National Park provides walkers with lake views spreading out on either side of the ridgeline. Head for Luxmore Hut and watch the sun travelling across the sky from 54-bunk hut, which is located far above the bush line. You won’t find finer views of Kepler Mountain and Lake Te Anau in any tourist brochures!

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Masada, Israel

PHOTO CREDITForget about putting on make-up, girls. Nobody will be able to see what you look like when you set off in what feels like the middle of the night on your 40-minute trek up Masada. You’ll feel as if you’ve fallen into a black hole, the western edge of the Judean Desert is that dark. But hey, anything for one of the most spectacular sun rises the Dead Sea has to offer. According to legend, King Herod built his fortresses at the close of 1st century BCE. The siege of Masada occurred around 74 CE, when Roman Empire soldiers stormed the city at the end of the first Jewish-Roman War. When the sun rises blood-red over the ruins of the palaces and fortresses visitors are forcefully reminded of the mass suicide that took place here in 74 CE.


Lake Batur, Bali, Indonesia

PHOTO CREDITMount Batur is an active volcano that you must climb in order to see one of the most unforgettable and best sunrises in the world. It takes about 2.5 hours in the dead of night to scale the volcano, but once there, you’ll be glad you did it. The sun rises in a spectacular explosion of colors, ranging from coral to gold, fluorescent pink to neon orange and blood-orange red.

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Byron Bay, Australia

PHOTO CREDITFolks in Oz are enjoying the sunrise while we in the northern hemisphere are still snug under the bed covers. There’s a special light at Byron Bay all year round but it’s spectacular when the night and sun dance together to welcome the morning. The best option is the stunning view across the Pacific from the Cape Byron Lighthouse which stands on the easternmost point of mainland Australia.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

PHOTO CREDITProbably one of the most photographed and photogenic sunrises is that over the City of Temples. It is truly an amazing experience to enjoy the spectacle of the sunning washing the world’s largest religious monument is red and gold and orange. There are fewer tourists around at sunrise and you can bask in the beautiful spirituality of it all.

Where do you love to watch the sunrise?

Tags: travel, europe travel, accommodation Sydney, corporate travel





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