Paradise with $ 20

Reuters’s tribute to cheap holidays in Venezuela

17 June 2015

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There is fear of kidnapping or not find toilet paper, but that does not discourage those who choose their holiday in Venezuela. However, hardy travelers remain undaunted by stories- real or extravagant- about crime in the South American country and close ticket at party offering cheap holidays.

The photographer of Reuters, Carlos Garcia Rawlins photographing tourists who extol their cheap holidays in Venezuela. “It’s madness! The beer costs a few pennies, “says op Briton Matthew Napier, while sunning on the beach with his girlfriend.

Although the country has a high crime rate, many tourists rather indifferent to the warnings: “We are bombarded with the fact that we can not get out on the streets,” says 31 year-old Argentine Juan Suso who disregard any advice and walks out on the streets of Caracas .

“It’s so cheap that it’s ridiculous,” he adds.

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