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Maldives: This is my best Dive ever

20 June 2015

trip advisor-people re-el magazine1,190 islets and endless blue, pure white beaches and palms touching the waters compose a heavenly setting!….read more



Beautiful landscapes of Europe!

18 June 2015

thavma6-people re-el magazineDiscover the most impressive landscapes of Europe, which exhibit extremely large variety: rocky mountains, deep lakes,….read more



Floating Villas-islands in Dubai!

18 June 2015

worldubai1-people re-el magazineSoon, the construction 33 luxury houseboats in Dubai, with its own garden, swimming pool and….read more



Paradise with $ 20

17 June 2015

paradaism-people re-el magazineThere is fear of kidnapping or not find toilet paper, but that does not discourage those who choose their holiday in Venezuela ….read more



Greece: Favorite travel destination for your summer holidays

16 June 2015

Zakynthos-people re-el magazine  10 Favorite Greek destinations that will make you think why choose the Greece for your summer holidays ….read more




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