Greece: Favorite travel destination for your summer holidays

16 June 2015

10 Favorite Greek destinations that will make you think why you should choose the Greece for your summer holidays:


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Santorini emits a different, but equally attractive charm. This is partly due to its geographical particularity. The popular beaches, Perissa and Kamari, with black volcanic sand, attracting many tourists like the famous Red Beach near Akrotiri (one location must be visited by lovers of archaeological findings). The island, which stretches circumferentially around a huge lagoon complex of Cycladic islands, offers spectacular views of the cities that are built high in the mountains, fine cuisine, superb art galleries, nightlife and fine wines.




Mykonos-people re-el magazine


If on hearing the word “Mykonos” does not immediately come to mind bright white houses, blue sky and the sun blackened bodies on golden, sandy beaches, rather isolated … long lived in a cave perhaps. The most popular Greek island in the Aegean Sea is full of life and attracts many tourists, of various types, ages and social classes, who enjoy the elegant nightlife. During the day, enjoy more intimate moments in the most isolated beaches on the north side of the island. On the beaches of the south side, however, the parties are not stopping. Enjoy skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, horseback riding, paraseilingk or simply keep your strength for the evening comes, like most tourists of Mykonos.



Chania Crete

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Much of the old town of Chania is built around the Venetian harbor, dating from the 14th century. Here you will find many theaters and attractions including the Archaeological Museum of Chania, which is housed in the former Convent of St. Francis and features a collection of Minoan and Roman findings. The lovers of the language and the book will appreciate the Museum of Printing. Enjoy delicacies of traditional Cretan cuisine as the famous “owl”, ie. Nuts topped with chopped tomato, feta, olives and dried herbs.



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Known as the “Island of Colors” thanks to its emerald waters and its buildings painted in lively tones, the island of Milos, with horseshoe-shaped sail serene Aegean Sea. There he discovered the famous worldwide statue of Aphrodite of Milos. Even though one is exposed now in the Louvre, Milos has other beauties to admire. There are dozens of beaches that offer a variety of colors and many different combinations of sand, stone and shell. Explore the ancient theater, the catacombs and windmills in the village Tripiti, and then finish the day with a sunset cinematic beauty.


Skiathos people re-el magazine


Microscopic Skiathos is full of forests, archaeological sites, and – most importantly – from beaches. Overcome your inhibitions Banana nudist beach or enjoy more modest sun Koukounaries, with the crowded cafeteria. Click sailing a rented catamaran, walk up to the impressive ruins of the medieval castle and enhance your spirituality in one of the numerous monasteries of Skiathos.




Lefkada people re-el magazine


The ladies play a very important role in the history of Lefkada. The island is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite and place of suicide of the famous lesbian poet Sappho who, according to legends, fell from a cliff in Akrotiri of Lefkada. Still on the same “mythological” theme, do not miss the tour of the famous Odyssey boat, a colorful copy ancient Greek pentakorou. Explore ancient Nirikos and swim in Nydri.




view-from-the-castle Parga-people re-el magazine


Olive groves, orange trees, golden beaches and blue sea … a paradise Greek island? No. Parga is located in northwestern mainland Greece and is extremely popular thanks to its beautiful beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Explore the ruins of the ancient fortress, visit the castle of Ali Pasha hill and grasp chatting with friendly locals at one of the seaside tavernas of Parga.




Kefalonia people re-el magazine


The emerald waters of Kefalonia reflect centuries of history. The great Greek island was the home of the legendary king Odysseus. Fortunately, you will not take you ten years to get here. Explore the magnificent cave of Drogarati, travel the waters of Ithaca with a glass bottom boat or admire the treasures of the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. Alternatively, you can escape to one of the numerous, secluded coves of the island.





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Corfu named both the island and the island country. Villages with whitewashed houses adorn the sunny island, which is only 2 with 15 miles from the coast of Albania. Corfu is rich in Byzantine churches and Venetian fortresses and has a vibrant nightlife. These are only a few reasons why it remains the most popular Ionian island. The cosmopolitan town has a total population of 37,000 inhabitants, while the narrow, cobbled streets of the old town and the sophisticated new city reflect Greek, French and British influences.




Zakynthos-people re-el magazine


The Ionian Islands are wonderful havens cinematic beauty. The water is crystal clear and the sand soft and silky. All look like they have gone through Photoshop! But this is Mother Nature in all its glory. Zakynthos is the largest of the Ionian islands. Besides beautiful, it is fertile after producing numerous products such as olives and grapes. Music is a huge section of the local culture. Almost every night you will have the opportunity to attend a concert or festival and will definitely be charmed by the cheerfulness and the melodies of Zakynthos musicians.