Annecy, a small Venice … to France!

21 June 2015

The city of Annecy is located between Geneva and Chambery, in the Haute-Savoie, eastern France, and its history begins in the 10th century when it was founded by the princes of Savoy in the center of the namesake lake.

It is now one of the most popular alpine destinations and one of the most photographed cities in France, which has received the nickname “Venice of France, and not without reason.

Impressive channels connect the regions together, picturesque houses and shops spread along the lake, and the historic monument Palais de l’Ile which dominates the center, built in the water, is the brand-mark of the city.

An important cultural center, organizes each year in June the famous Annecy International Animation Film Festival, gathering a crowd, being largely one of the most tourist destinations in the region.

The Annecy vies with Venice because of the landscape, resembling in many of the famous Italian city, but also because of the popularity among Hollywood stars doing here a year round attitude

Vibrant and fun city that never calms the Annecy has a further important advantage: “The sun never sets before 10 and images enalassontai each other with incredible speed,” say residents. Just have a good camera and always very motivated …