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10 Most Happy Countries Around the World 

15 December 2015

Hallstatt-Austria-trip advisor-people re-el magazineWatch the follow Top Ten of The World’s Most Happy and incredible  Countries:….read more



Top 10 Cities For Nightlife in The World

11 December 2015

Making a night of it at Charada nightclub in Madrid, SpainDo you want to have a good night out? Some cities simply have more to offer than others. So where should you go?….read more



Top 10 Wonders of the Ancient World

8 December 2015

Ajanta-Caves-History-people re-el magazinewe love wonders, as much as!We are now presenting our next ten wonders of the ancient world list:….read more



10 Best Destinations to Travel After You Graduate

3 December 2015

Indonesia-Travel-trip advisor-people re-el magazineLife as a student has the best memorable as well as most intimidating times- the rushes to reach class on time,….read more



Top 10 Exotic Man-Made Infinity Pools

29 November 2015

Hanging-Gardens-Ubud-trip advisor-people re-el magazineWhen we think of infinity pools, the first thing that comes to mind are the luxury resorts around the world….read more



10 Best Places to Live and Work

26 November 2015

Explore-the-Philippines-trip advisor-people re-el magazineLong gone are the days when people spent most of their lives living and earning at one place. People today look….read more



Perfect places to Watch the Sunrise with Your Partner …

21 November 2015

HYDRA, GREECE-trip advisor-people re-el magazineIt might be a simple outing but sharing the view of a glorious sunrise is an awesome date. You can do it….read more



World’s Top 10 Spectacular Cliff-Side Beaches.

19 November 2015

Navagio-Cliffside-Beach-trip advisor-people re-el magazineA long sandy beach with an infinite stretch of blue in front: very little is more pleasing to the senses….read more



Top 10 Places To Watch the Night Sky

17 November 2015

Fairbanks-Alaska-Night-Sky-trip advisor-people re-el magazineWho does not like laying lazily on a reclining chair in a breezy warm summer night and gazing at the dark night sky?….read more



The Safest Countries for Solo Travel …

15 November 2015

slovenia-trip advisor-people re-el magazineOne of the most important questions for any girl traveling alone is “is it safe”. When traveling alone, safety….read more



10 Most Amazing Railway Stations in the World

12 November 2015

Kuala-Lumpur-Railway-Station-MalaysiaRailway stations are not usually among people’s ideal places to spend a day. The noise and crowd are enough to….read more



10 Most Beautiful Canal Cities in the World

10 November 2015

Magnificent-Canal-Cities-Annecy-trip advisor-people re-el magazineWhen we think about the beautiful canal cities, Venice is the first one that comes to mind, naturally. But….read more



Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2015

6 November 2015

Candice-Swanepoel-Most-Beautiful-Women-of-2015List of world’s 10 most beautiful women of 2015: This list is composed of – The strongest, intelligent,….read more



Top 10 Natural Arches in the World

3 November 2015

Arches-National-Park-Utah-people re-el magazineAll around the world, arch monuments are among the most celebrated landmarks. These are beauty and….read more



Top 10 Lesser Known Street Food Cities of the World

1 November 2015

Food-Street-in-Melbourne-Australia-trip advisor-people re-el magazineThe journey of food started from the birth of life on this planet. The early humans ate raw flesh and plants….read more



10 Alluring Lakeside Cities of the World

27 October 2015

Lake-Geneva-Switzerland-trip advisor-people re-el magazineHave you ever imagined how living in a quaint, laidback style on the shores of a pretty lake feels?….read more



Top 10 Amazing Glass Buildings in the World….read more

24 October 2015


Modern architecture is traversing many unconventional ways. The use of glass in as a dominating material is….read more



Planning a Trip to Australia: 10 Things you should know

20 October 2015

Trip-to-Australia-tril advisor-people re-el magazineA traveler’s destination Australia has a tremendous amount of adventure to offer and you can have your lifetime….read more



Top 15 Artificial Islands – Amazing Man-Made Islands

17 October 2015

The-World-Islands-trip advisor-people re-el magazineThere is something mystic about islands. Islands stand in solitariness amidst all the infinite blue waters….read more



10 Best Honeymoon Locations Around the World

11 October 2015

Tahiti-honeymoon-vacations-trip advisor-people re-el magazineWhether or not you’re a romantic guy, your honeymoon should be the best, the most memorable trip of your life….read more



10 Spectacular Islands of The World

9 October 2015

Santorini-Greece-trip advisor-people re-el magazineHolidaying in some far flung island is probably the best way to de-stress. Nothing beats the idea of relaxing….read more



10 Most Amazing Places On Earth, Must See Once in Life

5 October 2015

Crystalline-Turquoise-Lake-trip advisor-people re-el magazineThe world is beautiful. It is full of wonderful places that most of us do not know they really exist….read more



Low Cost Vacations- Spots That Are Actually Cheaper in the Summer …

29 September 2015

summer vacation-trip advisor-people re-el magazineA lot of people don’t realize it, but summer is a great time to travel. In a lot of places, summer is the off-season,….read more



10 wonderfully secret tourist destinations …

22 September 2015

10_tuamotu-islands-trip advisor-people re-el magazineIf you have ever wanted to go somewhere just a little different, this list of some secret tourist destinations….read more



22 Unbelievable Places That Are Hard To Believe Really Exist

2 September 2015

unbelievable-places-trip advisor-people re-el magazineOur world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day,….read more



France’s most beautiful destinations

26 August 2015

destination-france-paris-super-trip advisor-people re-el magazineAh France: There’s a reason why nearly 85 million travelers a year vote with their passports….read more



The world’s most illuminating experiences

23 August 2015

2015 is the UN Year of Light – so make a beeline for these brilliantly bright, bedazzling places….read more



10 of the Most Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Europe

16 August 2015

Manarola-Italy-trip advisor-people re-el magazineIf you’re dreaming of visiting one of those picture-perfect European towns filled with old-world charm,….read more



20 + 1 unique travel experiences in the world!

10 August 2015

Nikaia-trip advisor-people re-el magazineEach destination has its own cultural characteristics that make him special in another and different ….read more



Inside the world’s most dangerous cities

9 August 2015

San Pedro-trip advisor-people re-el magazineEXPLORING the unknown and the exotic is a great way to broaden your travel horizons.But ….read more



The World Cup sight you DON’T want to see

6 August 2015

Sao Paulo-trip advisor-people re-el magazineAUSSIES nabbed more than 41,000 tickets to the World Cup, so it’s likely thousands are exploring Brazil….read more



The most beautiful oases in the world!

4 August 2015

oasi1-trip advisor-people re-el magazineDeserts are among the most inhospitable places in the world, with high temperatures, sandstorms,….read more



Spanish Olvera, whitewashed and picturesque

31 July 2015

Olvera_1The Spanish town of Olvera, located in the region of Andalusia in southern Spain and although it is not beachfront,….read more