What is love anyway?

17 July 2015

What is love anyway?-the secret-people re-el magazine

Love as a definition is too wide and deep to be measured or restricted under the words. It is no coincidence that no one has been able to explain what exactly love means, having been divided into several categories such as, love, perfect and imperfect love, friendship etc.
We could say, that the word love is the will that people have to extend their spiritual growth or themselves, for their own “development”. A person’s behavior plays a very important role to another person and what is aim towards them.

You will have noticed many times when someone tells you “I love you” if this person really means that, or if just trys using this way to achieve something, making you think that he or she has good intentions towards you. It does not mean he or she has not, but you still have some doubts, until finally he or she prove it.

It is said that love is not measured in words, but in deeds. And this is right. But the words are also as important as the way of expression. We need to speak and express our feelings towards each other, apart from our actions.

Everyone wants to some extent to have feelings of love, but many are not inspired by such sentiments. This is a bit strange. Some, once they have chosen not to love, despite their intentions in that love, finally they do not really love.

While they have aimed their spiritual development, they have chosen it and will really love it. You see, things are not so clear within us, sometimes, as our intentions play their own role. There is erotic love, friendly love and love to other people and to our parents.

The way in which one can love, only he or she knows. We could say too much about love separately (love, friendship, etc.), but we wanted to give a broad sense of the word love.

Everyone interprets it differently. We will refer to other articles about love individually in each category. You will eventually find yourself, what is love, for you.