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10 stylistic rules from Victoria Beckham (video)

23 July 2015

Victoria Beckam2-the secret-people re-el magazineVictoria Beckham is one of the most elegant women in showbiz who has impressed the fashion world as a designer….read more



How to avoid the shark attack while swimming ….

22 July 2015

n-SHARK-large570-the secret-people re-el magazineThe reaction of surfer Mike Fanning when he managed to escape from the jaws of a shark shows….read more



The popular video that is viewed on Internet even after two years

21 July 2015

Heather dorniden-the secret-people re-el magazineWhen you fall, you must find the strength to get up, stand up, continue your fight and come out victorious!….read more



25 things you should stop doing!

20 July 2015

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom concept. Beauty Girl over Sky and Sun. Sunbeams. Enjoyment. ; Shutterstock ID 146971178; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

No one can go back in time and make a new beginning, but anyone is able to start today and create a different ending….read more



Are you good parents? 10 tips by psychologists

20 July 2015

the secret people re-el magazineEffective communication involves the application of specific skills. These skills fulfill a central, vital role in Parenting Schools,….read more



11 signs that someone is lying

18 July 2015

n-PINOCCHIO-large570the secret-people re-el magazineIt would not be exaggeration to say that most of the people with whom you talk daily are liars ….read more



10 Strange things that you don’t know about the EARTH

18 July 2015

the secret-people re-el magazine we live a few hundred kilometers from the Earth’s surface, unless some of you are astronauts….read more




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