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15 Reasons Why The Middle Child Is Always Likeable

7 September 2015

Girl-Standing-In-Field-Of-Flowers-At-Sunset-the secret people re-el magazineThe middle child, the balancer, the keeper of peace, the glue that holds the family together… however you want to….read more



6 Things Terrible Bosses Do That Make Their Talented Employees Quit

6 September 2015

terrible bosses-the secret-people re-el magazineAccording to a Gallup study, many working adults left their jobs because of a bad boss….read more



19 Real Life Examples of An Extroverted Introvert So You Don’t Get Confused

5 September 2015

extroverted-introvert-the secret-people re-el magazineIf you’re like me, you’re an extroverted introvert. You can be outgoing, yet you desperately need your alone time….read more



15 Things You’re Not Taught In School That Determine Your Success

4 September 2015


School teaches you many of the fundamental things you’ll need a basic grip on in order to be a….read more



15 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Likely To Be Successful

3 September 2015

Frequent-Traveler-Successful-the secret-people re-el magazineSuccess can be defined differently for everyone but the fact is some people achieve it and some people don’t….read more



Wealthy People Save Money Like This

2 September 2015

common mistakes-the secret-people re-el magazineThere’s no one among us who does not like to have more money. If you sometimes wonder about how the rich….read more



10 Money Mistakes Successful People Don’t Make

31 August 2015

Money-Mistake-Image-the secret-people re-el magazineManaging money effectively is a key success skill. Successful people make the decision to become….read more



10 Signs Of People Who Aren’t Ready For A Real Relationship

30 August 2015

Not-ready-for-relationship-the secret-people re-el magazineLet’s face it, we all want something from a relationship. Yet some just want something casual and less….read more



How Smart People Deal With People They Don’t Like

28 August 2015

not-like-someone-the secret-people re-el magazineIn a perfect world, each person we interact with would be nice, kind, considerate, mindful, generous, and more….read more



7 Reasons Why “C” Students Will Be The Most Successful People In World

26 August 2015

c students-the secret people re-el magazineThere is a common opinion that if you study hard and graduate with an “A diploma,” it will guarantee you….read more




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