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Seven tips for an appropriate work romance

6 August 2015

Have you ever thought about dating a co-worker? While most companies advise strongly ….read more



Ways in order to save a relationship from routine

4 August 2015

the secret people re-el magazineWhy many times a relationship starts with enthusiasm and after a few years fall into routine?….read more



4 tips for your dreams to come true!

3 August 2015

4 KEYS FOR YOUR DREAMS-the secret-people re-el magazinePeople can realize their dreams when stop making excuses, believe in theirselves and in their ability and in ….read more



Video: How to open your hair colour completely natural!

3 August 2015

Video-the secret-people re-el magazineIf you want  to fress and open a little the color of your hair only with materials from the kitchen without having to….read more



Photos with your friend can predict the future of your relationship

2 August 2015

photo with-the secret-people re-el magazineWe do not know if you like to take often pictures. If not, it would be good to take off any now and that will remind ….read more



The…. battle of the sexes in the office begins from the air condition!

31 July 2015

The secret-people re-el magazineThe summer battle of the sexes in the offices to adjust the air conditioning has a scientific basis, experts say….read more



5 reasons that the body changes as the years pass!

29 July 2015

people re-el magazine

Have you noticed that as the years pass your body starts changing? What you see in the mirror….read more



Signs that your stress is not normal

27 July 2015

the secret-people re-el magazineStress is defined as the actual or perceived threat of our psychological and physiological integrity with its attendant ….read more



Why many women feel better being…alone

25 July 2015

women-the secret-people re-el magazineTestosterone is known as the “masculine” hormone, the chemical that “instructs” the sex drive of men….read more



The music you listen to, reveals who you are

25 July 2015

Save music-music people re-el magazineYou like to relax listening to pop or rock? Whatever your musical preferences are, psychologists can “read” them and….read more




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