The marriage is good for men!

18 June 2015

The marriage is good for health, especially the health of men, according to a new study. The study, conducted by the Institute of Education, University College London, says a series of global analyzes have found that married people have better health and longer life than those who did not get married. The report examined over 9,000 people born in 1958 and took place over 45 years in the British National Child Development Study. The scientists examined the health of participants, brain activity and proper functioning of the breath during the time period 2002-2004.

groom1-people re-el magazineThe researchers concluded that marriage has a beneficial effect on health, and that most healthy women were those who married in the late 20 and early 30 years and remained married. But the positive effects were even greater for men. The scientists also found that the indicator of the health of men “fall” after divorce, but recovers to those who remarry. According to the survey, the poor health of unmarried men is because they do not have a partner who admires them. Also, unmarried men tend to skip breakfast, eat unhealthy snacks during the day, working long hours and drinking.

In the latest study, researchers found that couples who cohabit enjoy similar health benefits as married couples. However, as explained, further research is needed to adequately address the different effects of marriage and cohabitation. “Never the marriage or cohabitation has not been negatively linked to the health of both sexes, but this research showed that the benefits are greater for men,” noted the head of research.