The five senses reveal serious health problems

10 July 2015

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We do not need a crystal ball to predict the course of our health, just only our five senses can reveal it …
Many times we do not realize that many diseases and serious illnesses begin in subtle changes. Knowing what signs to pay attention, we can identify the problem early and act immediately.

1. Hearing

The secret people re-el magazine

The partial hearing loss is associated with diabetes. Individuals suffering from the metabolic syndrome face twice the risk of losing part of their hearing, according to researchers from the University of Niigata in Japan. In fact, diabetics under 60 years old are more likely to face hearing problems compared to older patients. These problems are due to elevated levels of blood glucose, which is likely to damage the blood vessels of the ear.

2. Vision

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The blood vessels of the eye provide important information on the state of the brain. Researchers at the American Duke University found that people who have wider blood vessels in the eyes achieved lower scores on tests of IQ. In this case, the veins of the eyes similar in size, structure and function of the blood vessels of the brain, so the eyes can indicate early signs of mental depression several years before the onset of dementia. The ophthalmologist is the one who can possibly identify worrying changes.

3. Smell

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Weak smell is one of the early signs of Alzheimer, according to the American Institute of Neurological Disorders (NINDS). A study conducted by researchers in mice showed that the mice that had larger amounts of amyloid precursor protein, which plays a key role in the development of the disease, showed extensive damage to nerve cells in the nose. The changes observed in the olfactory system due Alzheimer are similar to those occurring in the brain, but in the olfactory system are identified earlier.

4. Taste

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The bad breath is indicative of gingivitis or periodontitis, diseases associated with erectile dysfunction. Researchers from the University of Malatya in Turkey found that men 30-40 years old who develop inflammation in the gums are three times under the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. The relative oral health and sexual performance probably explained by the condition of the vascular system. An erection is achieved when the brain perceives sexual stimulus, resulting in relaxation of the muscles of the genitalia and increasing blood flow in the corresponding tissues. As periodontitis accompanied by a decrease of the elasticity of the endothelial wall of blood vessels, are likely to be associated with erectile dysfunction. Consistency of periodontitis is the malfunctioning of the vascular system as a whole, a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

5. Touch 

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The appearance of the skin can indicate the risk of heart disease, according to researchers from the University Hospital of Copenhagen. The most common signs of aging – as gray hair, wrinkles and the accumulation of cholesterol in lids – are indicative of increased risk of cardiovascular complications.