That’s why smart men can not find mates …

28 June 2015The secret-people re-el magazine


If you’re wondering why you can not maintain human relationships or why you quarrel with all your buddies, the answer is …

Because you are very smart.

According to survey results from London School of Economics and Birbeck College, very clever people when they are dealing with basics of human life, such as marriage or children, they find them a bit difficult.

And they are much more likely to end up alone and alcoholic … Sounds funny, but it is not. It is a result from university research and is based on the following argument:

Almost from the beginning of history, and for millions of years, man was made so as to find solutions for its survival, ie basic and necessary things of life: delicious food, safe shelter and reproduction with attractive people.

However, with the industrial revolution and the subsequent revolution of high technology, for about two centuries, humanity was faced with new systems. Most of the problems modern man has to solve is innovative and complex – to be a good student, finding a job, to do everything via computer.

And what scientists have observed that people with greater intelligence, ie above the average, while they go well with the modern reality, but go mess with the traditional sides, like finding a partner, having children, making friends! In this, the “extra” intelligence, not only does not help at all, but according to some scientists, putting them tripping!

The collective intelligence has evolved to be able to cope innovative problems and somehow came into conflict with the traditional structure. So, more intelligent people are more likely to embrace ideas about things that our ancestors just simply had never faced 100,000 years ago.

For example, they are more likely to be “leftist liberals” because our ancestors were “conservative” – ​​in the sense that their only care the welfare of their families and their friends. They are also more likely to be atheists because our ancestors naturally believed absolutely in their religion. Smart people are more likely to be and nighttime formulas because the human race is traditionally designed to wake up when the sun rises and sleeps when the sun goes down.

They are also more likely to like the instrumental music because the music of the origin based solely on voice! They are also much more likely to consume alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, because all these substances are evolutionarily newest. The RESEARCHES prove that smarter people drink more and more often than others.

And another thing: Criminals on average have lower intelligence than law-abiding citizens. First of all because most criminal behavior today, in the long human past was physical survival modes and competition between males. Second, because the institutions and technologies that control criminal behavior nowadays – cameras, police, courts, prisons are all innovative phenomena so that less intelligent people are less likely to understand them.

The most intelligent people are not always good parents and friends. And the smart women are less likely to become parents outset! Because reproductive success is the ultimate goal for all living organisms, smart women are much more likely to go contrary to this evolutionary path. The same goes for men – are less likely to become parents!