Secrets Anti-Aging Eye

23 June 2015

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The modern lifestyle often makes signs of fatigue more intense, at all ages, which is why according to research conducted by Shiseido in women worldwide, found that the issues of concern to women about their skin is 39.5% of the wrinkles around the eyes and 34.9% black circles.

What to do

• you include daily, morning and evening, an eye cream, depending on the needs of your skin. Especially for wrinkles test products with peptides or retinol ingredients highly effective and tested.
• The injectable materials eliminate wrinkles in the “crow’s feet” for about 4-6 months, depending on skin condition, and your lifestyle. But beware excesses: the botox removes not only wrinkles but also facial expressions.
• Apply the product correctly. Ask the aesthetic cosmetics store to show you the correct massage movements for the eye area. You can also find application instructions on product packaging and official sites of the companies.
• Apply eye cream gently: with the fingers put the cream pat, starting from the inner corner of the eye, until absorbed.

The secret

To keep the eye area youthful cut smoking, always wear sunglasses all the time and do not forget the moisturizer – preferably with sunscreen index.