Other causes that may be responsible for fat except from your diet

30 June 2015

The secret people re-el magazine

It happens to us at all times: your clothes suddenly seem to be …
1-2 sizes smaller, even if you have not noticed any particular reason why this happens.

Sometimes, the reasons for the pounds that accumulate and make the scale to … sigh are “sneaky” and not directly related to your eating preferences.

See some unexpected reasons why you get kilos:

You follow any new nutritional “fashion”
Through the passage of years, eggs, carbohydrates, fat and other nutrients declared as a “panacea” or “cause of all evil” and vice versa. Each new nutritional “fashion” does not mean it is correct, or that it is appropriate for your organization. Gather as much information as you can, before you start something radical in your diet.

You have a big change in your life
Life is full of changes and each is accompanied by some impact on your psychology. Special events that increase the levels of stress in the body, many people lead in “relief” that find temporarily unconsciously during the day in a “guilty” dish. The diet is not necessarily the key. Sometimes you just need to control your mood swings and reduce stress in your life.

The pandamator time
As you get older, your metabolism changes significantly. And if you’re a woman near the age of menopause, this change is even greater. The amount of food you eat earlier and did not affect you physically, you realize at some point that, now, you add weight.

Not enough sleep
It has been found in many studies that people who sleep less, consume greater quantities of food and produce worse food choices (sweets, fast food etc.) than those who sleep more.

You lose muscle mass
As you get older, your metabolism and the composition of your body change. You lose muscle mass and this inevitably means that your organization has fewer ways to burn calories, since muscles are among the most competent institutions in this area.

Source: www.newsone.gr