How you can identify a lier through text

8 July 2015

The secret people re-el magazine

The science of nonverbal communication can help us detect liers when they try avoiding eye contact, changing the subject of conversation, using different tone of voice and other such tricks…
In case of texting and chat how can we idetify them? We can’t see them or listen to them, so we are at the mercy of every aspiring liar.

Of course not. A survey that revealed some first
information on how to identify whether the “interlocutor” lying through messages.

A key point is the response time. The study argues that the liar needs at least 10% more time to respond.

So if you exchange messages and suddenly the other end and making a long pause before answering probably he or she is thinking how to answer.

The survey was conducted among 100 students of the University of Brigham Young (BYU) and the experts concluded that someone, within face to face communication, is likely more than 54% to detect if someone else is lying, but without visual or auditory contact, this assumption makes it difficult.

However, given the limited sample of participants, you should keep in mind that a delayed response may also mean that your interlocutor is busy just at the moment.