Chocolate eliminates wrinkles!

18 June 2015

A chocolate to be released soon on the market, promises to slow the signs of aging and make the 50 aged skin as … 20 year old. Chocolate will be called «Esthechoc» is a creation of the scientists of the University of Cambridge, who managed to enrich the most favorite delicacy of the world with powerful antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces flavanol “bad» (LDL) cholesterol. Its name is an abbreviation of ‘aesthetic’ and ‘chocolate’, as listed in English.

antirinklechoco-people re-el magazineAccording to the studies so far, the results will bring will be spectacular, as it improves the physiology of the skin and restores the skin biomarkers of women aged 50-60 years at the levels of women aged 20-30 years. In particular, it showed that volunteers who ate daily for three weeks chocolate had less inflammation and better blood circulation, resulting in fewer wrinkles. The “magic” chocolate will be manufactured by Lycotec and as the spokesman of the company said, is a product of 10 years of medical research and testing to more than 3,000 volunteers.

The official product presentation will take place in early March, at the 13th World Summit of Food Technology & Innovation (GFTIS), to be held in London. It was originally released in Britain in a pack containing 21 tiles (available for three weeks), while the price has not yet announced.