5 reasons that the body changes as the years pass!

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29 July 2015

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Have you noticed that as the years pass your body starts changing? What you see in the mirror is not what you were used to some years ago and it makes sense, since many changes happen in your body.

Obesity / overeating
“Many factors affect the change of the body and one of them is the overeating”, the doctor Donnica Moore says. After 40 years, specifically, people tend to overeat and this is due to stress and the food associated with it, the business lunches that rise and increasing the consumption of alcohol. What you can do is start with a few small changes in your diet. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and decrease sugar. You can also decrease the consumption of alcohol.

Both for men and women over time equates to a reduction of hormones, which creates havoc in the body. Lifetime men fat concentrated in the abdomen, while for women in the hips and legs. Over time, as the hormones begin to decline women begin to collect fat around the abdomen. As in men, reduced testosterone facilitates fat extend across the abdomen, which can lead to the onset of diabetes or heart disease.

Lack of physical exercise
The reality is that as time passes, the obligations are more and physical exercise decreases. This causes the body to lose its firmness and strength. Physical exercise is essential at any age. Even if you can not do everything you did before, you can take a walk, swim or light aerobic exercise.

The Law of Gravity
The gravity is not our friend! As we become older, our bodies begin to “fall”. You will have already noticed it in your chest or abdomen. In this case, exercise can help.

Loss of height
You surely noticed that your grandmother or grandfather have lost a little (or a lot) of their height. This is primarily due to osteoporosis that is growing in the spine and the shoulders. In addition, the posture becomes worse (due to the lack of physical exercise) and is difficult for someone to keep straight and tall his back.

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes




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