4 tips for your dreams to come true!

4 KEYS FOR YOUR DREAMS-the secret-people re-el magazine

3 August 2015

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“When you begin to follow your dream, life wakes up and everything has a meaning!”

(Barbara Satier)

“The biggest adventure you can live is: To live the life of your dreams!”
(Oprah Winfrey)

Make your dreams come true!

People can realize their dreams when stop making excuses, believe in theirselves and in their ability and in something Higher, Better and Bolder. It is perfectly reasonable to set goals in their lives and trying with appropriate steps, these goals to be driven to their achievement and, ultimately, to their development. The secret to achieving the objectives and the realization of dreams is to focus on them with Persistence and Patience.

No dream is not automatic, people should use with flexibility, maturity and cleverness the four main “keys”:


• Vision (Positive View of the objective pursued and especially before realized, and after …).
• Have / Bold / Faith / Enthusiasm.
• Plan (Realistically steps- plan).
• Follow specific steps (methods) to make it.
• Keep Patience & Perseverance until reach your goal.
• Accept changes as a normal part of life.
• Dare new goals  unknown to you.
• Manage to realize your vision.
• Experience Joy, Balance, Satisfaction, Creation.

More detail:

• Dream

• Make your dreams come true because you can.
• Listen and follow your inner voice.
• Try to realize your dreams. It’s never too late!
• Stop making excuses.

• Believe

• Believe in youself.
• Believe in your abilities.
• Have an internal belief in something higher, better, bolder.
• Start each day, believing passionately in your dreams, and you can make wonderful things.

• Achieve

• Perform dreams and your goals (Goals are Dreams that are performed).
• Write / Analyze yours dreams and goals.
• Make concrete and dynamic steps for the realization and completion.

Dreams should be updated regardless of the age and the conditions. There are Endless Possibilities of Evolution and countless beauty to discover in and out. Also, you should start each day believing passionately in your dreams. If you believe in them and fight to make it happen then you have reached halfway and is closer to success. The only obstacle is the fear of failure and must realize that fear is often something factitious, which can be overcome with the right steps and daring.

Even you should focus not on the success of the dream and goal but the small daily steps, small victories will bring you closer to the Objective and give meaning to your life. A dream does not come true just like that. The key to realization is the effort, determination and hard work.

• Dare to see the Positive Change (Dare to Change)

• Accept change as a normal part of life.
• Recognize that any change is accompanied by feelings of anxiety and sadness.
• Overcome anxiety boldly and see change as a new challenge.
• Accept the cycles of Change with stoicism, Open Spirit, Courage, Courage, Optimism.
• Realize that if I you do not, you will stay “behind” the Evolution & Creation.

The great challenge and invitation for those who are experiencing changes is that change requires ACTION & COURAGE. They must act dynamically to dare to meet goals & dreams. Even though this requires overcoming internal fears, psychological, social inhibitions, to change old patterns of behavior and action and move with Courage to build something new that will help :

• Make progress
• Evolve
• Try and
• Dare.

People should dare to escape ensconced, relaxed, familiar, old way of behavior and action. They must be enabled to reassess priorities, to rethink attitudes to realize what they need to do, how their new steps should be to be successful, certain, creative. Decide to go into action because ONLY Action and Faith brings Development.

In conclusion people should not be afraid of change, trying to meet it, dare to make mistakes experiencing and tasting the new. Through change we experience the EVOLUTION of ourselves in practice, testing our strength and capacities, we discover the unique Power & Crafts sources that we did not know that we had.

Finally, we realize that change confronts us with unusual feelings, experiences and powers! For this reason we should welcome it with faith, passion and enthusiasm and change should be viewed as an opportunity for self-discovery & evolution.

“Whatever you want, you can achieve it,
if your dreams are with passion,
if you fight for them with passion,
if you create them with strength! “

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