17 tricks, you do not know that make your body!

21 June 2015

Many times our body functions independently of the commands we give …Read good health 17 interesting tricks that make our body …

1. If you tickling your throat, scratch your ear

A smart way to get rid of the tingling sensation you feel in your throat is to scratch your ear. “When stimulated nerves present in the ear, caused a reflection of the neck, which can result in muscle spasms,” Dr. Scott Schaffer said, president of the Center of Otorhinolaryngology at Gkimpsmporo New Jersey. “The spasm relieves the tickle.”

2. Get supersonic hearing

If you are in a place with noise and difficulty hearing the other party, who speaks in a whisper, then lean toward him with your right afti.To right ear is able to follow the fast pace of speech, according to researchers David Geffen School of Medicine of UCLA. If, on the other, trying to identify the song playing low in an area, then display your left ear toward the sound. The left ear has the ability to more easily separates the musical tones.

3. Get rid of the pain!

German researchers discovered that if coughing during an injection, the pain is reduced by the needle prick. According to Taras Usichenko, the author of a study on this phenomenon, the trick causes a sudden, temporary rise in pressure in the chest and the neural tube, inhibiting structures that cause pain in the spinal cord.

4. Clean the stuffy nose

Forget decongestant nose. An easiest, fastest and cheapest way to relieve sinus pressure is to place your tongue on the palate and then to press with your finger between the eyebrows. This allows ynida the bone passes through the nasal passages and reaches the mouth vibrates back and forth, according to Lisa DeStefano, assistant professor Medicine at the University of Michigan. The motion loosens congestion and after 20 seconds we feel our noses license.

5. Get rid of heartburn without water!

Are you afraid that the food you ate will cause heartburn and you can not sleep at night? “Sleep on the left side,” recommended by Anthony A. Star, gastroenterologist and assistant professor at New York Medical School. Studies have shown that, patients who sleep on their left side, no reflux of gastric fluid. The esophagus and stomach are connected at an angle. When we sleep on our right side, the stomach is lower than the esophagus, so gravity works for heartburn.

6. Get rid of toothache without opening your mouth

Just rub ice on your palm, the arch that makes the thumb with the index. A Canadian study showed that this technique reduces toothache up to 50%. The routes of nerves at the base of the curve stimulate an area in the brain which blocks pain signals from the face and hands.

7. Eliminate burns

If you accidentally burn your finger over the stove, clean the skin and gently press the point that burned the pad of your finger. The ice will relieve pain faster, according to Dr.. DeStefano, but naturally this method returns the burned skin to its normal temperature, so that no bubble is created.

8. Make the world stop turning

Did you have drunk a little more and see everything around you to spin? Rest your hand on something stable. The part of the ear, that is responsible for balance -dome-screw injects a liquid, which is of the same density as blood. “As alcohol dilutes blood in the dome, the dome becomes less dense and rises,” explains Dr. Schaffer. All this confuses the brain. The touch of a stationary object provides a second “view” in the brain, resulting in a more balanced feel.

9. Get rid of the tingling feeling in hand

If you’re like most people, when you run exhale each time your right foot rests on the ground. On expiry exerted pressure in the liver (on the right side), which then pushes the diaphragm and causes throbbing flanks. One way to get rid of this pain is to exhale whenever rests his left foot on the ground.

10. Stop the blood with a finger!

Touching your nose and bend backwards you can stop the bleeding in the nose-if of course you do not mind swallowing your own blood. One more “civilized” way is to place cotton on your upper gums-just sag beneath the nose- and press firmly. “Most bleeds from the front of the diaphragm, the cartilage that separates the nose,” says Peter Desmarais, throat specialist hospital Entabeni Durban, South Africa. “Exercising pressure at that point, stop the bleeding.”

11. Stop heartbeat

You want to stop the heartbeat and nervousness you feel on the first date? Just blow into your thumb. The vagus nerve, which determines the heartbeat, can be controlled through breathing, as says Ben Abo, a doctor at the University of Pittsburgh. If you blow your thumb, heart rate will return to normal levels.

12. “Heat up” your brain!

If you eat something frozen, too fast, you will freeze your brain. To avoid this, press the surface of your tongue to your palate, covering the greater surface can. “Because nerves palate freeze too, our body has the impression that freezes and the brain,” says Abo. “In return, overheat, causing the headache of ice cream, as it is called characteristic phenomenon. The more pressure put on the palate, the faster will fall headache.

13. Avoid myopia

Myopia is mainly due to the genes according to Anne Barber, optometric Washington. “Usually created by myopic stress.” In other words, is created if you are looking for a long time on a computer screen. If you want to have perfect vision, you should periodically throughout the day to close your eyes, stretch your body, take a deep breath and after a few seconds exhale, simultaneously relaxing your muscles. Tightening and relaxing the muscles, like biceps and glutes, euchre and other involuntary muscles -as the eyes- that relax too.

14. Wake up the dead!

If numb your hand while driving or sitting in a strange attitude, shake your head over and give numbness will disappear in less than a minute. The numb arm is often the result of compression of the nerves located in the neck. Relaxing neck muscles, release stress. Compressed nerves, located in the lower body, responsible for numbness in the leg, so do not rest. Get up and start walking.

15. Impress your friends!

The next time you go to a party, try this trick: Have someone hold his hand outstretched to the sides, with the palm down and tell him to stay in this posture. Then place your two fingers on his wrist and push down. They will resist. Then put it touches his leg in a surface that is 1- 2 centimeters taller (1-2 put magazines) and repeat. This time, his arm will fall like a playing card. Because the buttocks are not aligned, the spine is displaced. The brain perceives that the spine is vulnerable and thus inactivates the body’s ability to resist.

16. Breathe underwater

If one want to get to the bottom of the sea and catch a handful of sand, take a few short breaths prolonged. When you are under water, there is a lack of oxygen makes you desperately want to breathe, but it’s the buildup of carbon dioxide, making the blood acidic and sends signals to the brain that something is wrong. The hyperventilation reduces the acidity of the blood, “as says Dr. Jonathan Armbruster, associate professor of biology at Auburn University. “The trick that fools the brain and thinks he has more oxygen.” So, you earn a few extra seconds.

17. Read the mind!

Yours! “If you can speak a speech the next day, then make a repeat at bedtime,” as Candi Heimgartner said, professor of biological sciences at the University of Idaho. Since the majority of memory is consolidated during sleep, anything read just before sleep are more likely to be encoded as a long memory.

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