Nterlis Gonzalez ruled Brazil and lost uncle! (pic)

28 June 2015

Nterlis Gonzalez sent his quarterfinal with Brazil on penalties, where the team got its qualification and the player’s uncle … he left after a heart attack!

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Striker Basel Nterlis Gonzalez scored from white mark on 74 sending the match with Brazil on penalties.

Later the “almpirocha” ruled out “selesao ‘on penalties. Currently, however, an entire nation was celebrating the 21 year old striker lost his uncle from … overwhelming joy.

The unlucky man suffered a heart attack and doctors were unable to revive him.

Later, Nterlis Gonzalez wrote in the account at twitter:

“Why Uncle Today? Why; You left me after a heart attack because I have given you so much joy and so much happiness. I can not believe it.

Source: www.gazzetta.gr