The new contract Mexes in AC Milan

9 July 2015

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Philippe Mexes will continue to wear the shirt of AC Milan, and signed a new contract with “Rossoneri”, although he isn’t on Mikhailovich’ plans.

Milan officially announced that Philippe Mexes signed a new one year contract with “Rossoneri”, so it was the will of Silvio Berlusconi.

The information indicates that the French central defender is not in racing shots of the new technician, Sinisa Mikhailovich.

Berlusconi put Mexes to sign a new contract and then he called his Serbian to inform him and to convince him that this is the right choice.

The Rummy Boketi Bonaire and left, so stay on the positions of the stoppers Zapata, Alex, Palette and Mexes (and Tzakarnto playing and right). Mikhailovich wants acquiring Alessio Romanioli, but the Roma calls for 30,000,000 euros.

Last year he was together at Sampdoria (on loan from Roma), made great year, but money are many and probably Berlusconi wanted to be covered roster with Mexes, if not managed eventually to have the 20 years old player.