New two-year contract signed by LeBron James with Cleveland Cavaliers.

10 July 2015

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LeBron James had expected: renewed his contract with Cavaliers for the next two years and will take on the services of 47 million dollars.

However secured something important the “King”. He secured the right to remain free time, making use of the opt-out, in order to claim a bargain and longer and with increased annual earnings when the salary cap will increase further due to TV rights. This should be the last good contract, possibly Cleveland again.

It was the logical development of things. James did not even indeed in the process of talking with other teams interested, although he was chosen to break the previous contract, since in the interim administration of “knights” made all the necessary actions to convince him that … worth a try again for the title.

What did they do? Renewed his contract of Lov Mozgkof and Thompson. With the first even glass stick again and together we will lead the effort to complete the effort that began last year.