Messi: Ten years itch

21 June 2015

It is a leading warming and has taken everything with Barcelona. He has not won anything with Argentina. The makes the valuation of 100 holdings of Messi with the national emblem.

The main argument of those who stubbornly refuse to put Lionel Messi even in the process of discussion for comparison with Diego Maradona is that he led a modest team to the top of the world and in another World Cup final, with the first despite its impressive accomplishments with Barcelona does not have to show the slightest success with a national assembly much higher quality.

The “Leo” added yesterday to the “poor” 1-0 victory over Jamaica, 100 appearances with the national emblem. These measures already 46 goals and looks like a matter of time to overcome their rekorntmen Javier Jeanette (146 participants) and Gabriel Batistuta (56 goals), respectively. But even a great success looking. This will dispel longer the slightest doubt that the vrachysomos star can shine and away from the warmth of his beloved “Barça”.

It may not become worst

After the “orgy” of the World Youth Championship in 2005, which he won with Argentina and became top scorer with six goals, was a matter of time Messi getting promotion for … great highway. On August 17, 2005 debut was highly anticipated and most of the friendly with Hungary itself. The small “magician” passed like change in 63 ‘, but seconds later expelled, rather strictly by Markus Merk for hitting the Vilmos Vantsak who tried to restrain him from pulling the shirt. The “Leo” immediately left for the locker room, where later his teammates found him crying. The worst debut was complete.

Nightmare recurrence

Three participations in the World Cup has Lionel Messi. And as many as Germans blocked the road to glory. In 2006, although he scored on his debut in the final phase of World Cup, Jose Pekerman left him on the bench when the organizing ruled Argentina in the quarterfinals 4-2 on penalties.

In 2010 he was the leader of the group of Diego Maradona, but failed to score a single goal and Argentina crashed 4-0 by Germany, again in “8”.

In 2014 he led with four goals and great performances Argentina to the final, but thanks to Mario Götze in overtime revived German nightmare Messi. The emergence of a MVP of the event seemed to comfort the sick and “icy” expression on his face said it all.

He always has Beijing

The only so far success of Messi with coat in Men’s level remains the gold Olympic medal in Beijing in 2008. He achieved three goals on the way to the end and gave an assist to Di Maria on the way of victory over Nigeria in the match which brought team to the highest step of the podium.

The third time will be the best

The two previous experiences of Lionel Messi in the Copa America was rather traumatic. In 2007 he came true with Argentina in the final of the tournament in Venezuela and was voted top young player of the tournament, but the unbearable 3-0 by Brazil in the final overshadowed everything.

In 2011, the disappointment was even greater since Argentina playing at “home” saw Uruguay to exclude the semifinals in a penalty shootout.

He managed Messi in this event to finally get revenge? The answer coming soon …