Lim, Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester Utd (pics + vid)

The Asian billionaire, the ball and the cars …

24 July 2015

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The businessman from Singapore, is considered as one of the richest people of his country, with a fortune of 2.5 billion dollars and is dedicated to investments and businesses since 1996. Son of a fishmonger, graduated with a degree in accounting, was involved with the accounting and in the year 2015, his assets increased more.

According to Forbes, he is placed in the position 949 of the billionaires around the world for 2015, while he is the No.13 of the 50 richest in Singapore.

His weaknesses are the football and fast cars. So he didn’t lost time and invested in both …

Since May 2014, he owns the majority stake of the shares of Valencia. Investing 420 million euros, the popular businessman acquired 70.4% of shares of “bat” with the world of Spanish club to welcome him with cheers and rejoicing, since they realized that their team could now and on has neat and … secured finances.

It is understood that the acquisition of Rodrigo Moreno from Valencia normal transfer this summer was not accidental … The rights of the player are owned by Meriton Capital, so Peter Lim, the 24 year old striker after his term with “Mestagia” on loan last season, he moved permanently to Spain. The same happened with Andre Gomes, also signed a standard contract with the ‘bats’, following suggestion … (and) the big boss took his players near him.

Recently, Lim acquired the 50% stake in the Salford City which has fragrance … Manchester United. For those not familiar, Gary and Phil Neville, Nicky Bat, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs took the amateur club based in the suburbs of Manchester. The «class of ’92», wishes through engaging with the Salford help young, talented footballers to be highlighted with no excluding … the transfer to United! For the team bench it seems … they will have good relatons after the hiring of Phil Neville from Valencia (far from coincidence …) moves from Paul Scholes spent his time guiding the Salford.

His relationship with Lim ‘red devils’ does not stop here, as he owns cafe chain in Asia, with … themed club in Manchester, where they are concentrated and see the games of Premier League fans!

His most important assets, however, include the recent acquisition of the rights of the public image of Cristiano Ronaldo! The Mint Media, which of course is the head, agreed to manage the rights of «CR7» for the next six years, but the «deal» the image of the player, except those related and Real Madrid. With this move, Lee’s company should … spread and make even stronger the reputation of Cristiano in Asia. “It is my good friend and know each time,” the Portuguese superstar said when formalized the agreement.

In his favorite sports, motorsport is added and especially the four wheels. McLaren was the company that had impressed and unsurprisingly, tried to somehow do something to add something in his possession, so proceed to acquire shares of the automotive and of course take care to expand in Asia, with the McLaren company Asia Pte.

In 10 years, it is expected the track Formula1 be completed, Johor Bahru in Malaysia. An area of ​​1 million square meters to meet all the requirements with sophisticated track, showrooms and shops will give a different air in Johor region and guess who is behind and by this …

In conclusion, the preoccupation with sports, Lim reaches the Olympic Committee Singapore and scholarships for budding athletes, until the age of 18 years. From 2010 until today, more than 700 scholarships have been given to children who want to become athletes and learn in a different and healthy lifestyle. Of course, with the patronage of the 62-year-old businessman …