15 June 2015

GettyImages-477185348A victory in the 4th title of their history are the Warriors, who defeated … LeBron James 104-91 and made the 3-2 finals.

On one side the Oracle Arena was a group that looked fresh on the court, he had many solutions in attack and pluralism, in the game of imagination. On the other side was the … LeBron James. The “King” was again the alpha and omega of the Cavaliers. But because never the ONE can not defeat the many, the fifth final could be the exception to the rule.


After 18 changes in scoring, 8 draws and plenty of thrills, the Golden State beat Cleveland 104-91 and made the 3-2 finals. The group of California is now another from the 4th title of history and first in 40 years (1975)! Yet, regardless of whether the final 104-91 reveals a comfortable victory for the “Dubs”, the evening was not only comfortable. Let opsetai the LeBron James.


The James was holding himself in Cleveland

The “King” has created another rhapsody in this year’s finals. He achieved 40 points with 15/34 shots, picked up 14 rebounds and handed out 11 assists. He became the first player over the last 12 years as in the first half 20 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. He scored his second three times the double of the series and the sixth of his career in the Playoffs. Nothing of all this was not enough for Cleveland. This is because the Warriors were just … more.


The Stephen Curry scored 37 points with 13/23 shots and some awesome pointers (7/13 in total). The Andre Iguodala did it again a little of everything (14 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals), and it was he who gave the Warriors lead seven points with 3’45 ” remaining (91-84) thanks to five consecutive points . The Draymond Green added 16 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, giving signal to the first dodekalepto. And he Leandro Barbosa was again highly productive in the 17 minutes that he played, having 13 points with 4/4 shooting and 4/5 shots.


Smallball and Cavaliers

Against the drab, crowded isolations game of Cleveland, the Golden State had itself with greater energy, excellent distances, mobility, good movement of the ball (25 assists on 36 baskets) good shots (12/26 three pointers) and naturally effective defense. Until you reach the victory, however, he had to toil a lot. The Kerr again used from the start the successful formula of the 4th final. He started with the center-Green, did all the pick ‘n’ roll toward Mozgov and preceded Warriors 8-2 in 5 ‘.


At that point the David Blatt took the decision to adapt the team at smallball his opponents (by withdrawing the Mozgov and putting Smith) and the result was to follow to the end a game without Center! The J.R. Smith entered slapdash on the field, he puts three consecutive three-pointers and Cavaliers quickly turned the match, took the lead at 9 ‘(16-17), and from there our two groups offered maybe the most beautiful and exciting of the five games. Until the middle of the fourth quarter.


Running from Iguodala, Thompson, Curry

The two teams were unable to escape from each other more than seven points at any point of the match. The Cleveland free to 37-30 at 17 and 42-36 at 19 ‘but Golden State responded with 8-0 run (by hand Barbosa). That the Warriors shoots with 55.6% in the first half and were only one point difference ahead in the score, should be at least alarming sign. But when the Warriors began to play better defense, they were then able to control the match.


Two consecutive three-pointers by Thompson and Curry made the score 85-80 in the middle of the fourth quarter. “Unstick” the Warriors. The Iguodala took the baton later with his personal outburst and Curry apoteleiose with three-pointers of the Cavs, who wanted (to turn the match) but could not. The “Dubs” finished the match with 19-7 in the last five minutes and took the first of the two wins that confirm what they do on … 7.5 months: to be the best team in the NBA.

Source: www.sport24.gr