Hard the Brazilian Press to the exclusion of “Selesao”

29 June 2015

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Brazilian media … not freely given in their national team after the exclusion of the Copa America in Paraguay. They spoke of shame and seek removal of Dunga by coach!

Around a changing but everything remains the same. This verse fits in glove Brazilian national as a year after the humiliating 1-7 home games from Germany in the semifinal of the World Cup suffered another painful blockade, this time from Paraguay on penalties in the quarterfinals of the Copa America (4-3 for “Albirroja” after the 1-1 in normal time).

This fact combined with the problematic image that showed in all four games in the tournament (apparent aggressive the problem and the inability to impose on opponents) resulted accept unrelenting criticism, from which no free no.

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“The shame is endless” and “It’s a national shame” were some of the most distinctive titles, a portion of the media invite the federal technician to go to become a new beginning …

See what they write major Brazilian media:
Lance: “The shame is endless. The exclusion from the Copa America is one moment that requires a new coach, the era Dunga should end. You have to start with a different philosophy before the start of the World Cup 2018 qualifiers.”

Correio Brasiliense: “Shame national. After 7-1 from Germany and 3-0 by the Netherlands in the World Cup, Brazil took part in another fiasco with the exclusion of the Copa America”.

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O Globo: “Shame. Brazil saw Saturday in Chile one movie replayed (meaning the exclusion of the last Copa America again from Paraguay, again in the quarterfinals, again on penalties). We received another blow to self-esteem and our credibility. rebuilding after the 7-1 by Germany took a few steps backwards. ”

Folha: “Off. New failure almost a year after the World Cup. Brazil lost on penalties and stays out of the continuity of the Copa America”.

Source: www.sport24.gr