Finally: Tevez in Boca. How much money took Juventus, the other terms…….

14 July 2015

Juventus announced on Monday the concession of Carlos Tevez to Boca Juniors. Financial terms of the agreement and the players got in return the “Vecchia Signora”.

After two years Carlos Tevez is past for Juventus. The agreement with Boca Juniors, who will continue his career returning to the “Bomponera” after 11 years, the announcement of the terms confirmed it on Monday.

Juventus published what is the case with 31Year Argentine striker.

As champions Italy informed, for the transcription of “Karlitos” will receive as compensation 6.5 million euros, which will be paid on December 15, 2016.


Meanwhile, “biankoneri” secured the two-year borrowing Guido Naouel Vadala over 3.5 million euros, which will be awarded on 31 December 2016. Two weeks have passed from the moment that money received with the transfer of Tevez. If until April 20, 2017 decided to keep the young man, who is considered the new Messi, they will be required to pay 9.4 million euro.

Finally the huge deal included the rights of Rodrigo Bentakour Coleman Franco Sebastian Kristalnto and Adrian Andres buttons each of which Juventus will pay one million euros on 31 December 2016. Until 20 April 2007 has to decide whether will buy them entirely by paying 9.4 million. 8.2 million. and 6.9 million respectively.