18 June 2015

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The Cavaliers began with the sign of the favorites in the Eastern Conference to follow them because of the simultaneous presence of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. And, along the way they may be lost to injury last two, however this eventually prevented to fulfill their expectations, reaching the NBA Finals, where they lost the championship 4-2 victories by the Warriors.


This season was not easy for Cleveland. The champions of the East had to overcome many obstacles in the season, they had chemistry, stood several times unlucky but – at the end of the day – season only as the successful can be called. The question of course is what they will do from now on to Cleveland, they have several issues to solve.


Player option, player option, player option …


Putting in principle things in a base, it is good to remember that a contract for next season have only Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao and Joe Harris! Things certainly are not as strange as they seem. Simply, many players have player option in their contracts. The reason for LeBron James, Kevin Love, JR Smith and Mike Miller.


As is clear, the decision of LeBron is what will determine what will follow, with “King” have three options: 1. To opt in doing in his contract 2. Make out opt ​​and sign multi-annual contract with the Cavs. 3. Doing opt out and go to another team. What would he do? Logic says that will follow the first street. Why Because in this way they will be free in the summer of 2016, when the Salar Cup is expected to be launched and will therefore be eligible to win more money.


The same more or less applies in the case of Kevin Love, who has exactly the same options with LeBron. And with the up to date data, logic says he would choose and that the way of opt in for this year, so that in the summer of 2016 to claim multiannual contract with better financial rewards. At least he supported himself during the playoffs, stating that he wants to stay in Cleveland and next year.


The Smith from him side reportedly follows the path of opt out of his contract, but be sure to stay in the Cavs. The LeBron certainly wants him, but there is also the economic part in the middle. As for Miller, the veteran forward doing for about two years severance thoughts from acting, but is not sure what will be the final decision.


Beyond that, the Cavs have team option on the contract of Timofey Mozgov versus 4.9 million. Dollars (which would logically trigger) while James Jones, Kendrick Perkins and Shawn Marion are left free, the latter has announced that he will retire from acting. The problem of course is not these three players, but the three names that follow …


The (special) case of Thompson and Shumpert / Dellavedova

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In the Cavs roster there are three players who next to their name they see the words “Restricted free agent”. The reason for Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert and Matthew Dellavedova, with everyone to play their part in this year’s course of the Cavs, but the case of each has its own particularities.


Start with Thompson. The Canadian power forward had a modest Regular Season in the shadow of Kevin Love, but in the playoffs, because of the injury and the latter raised dramatically performance while catapulting his shares. How high was it? So that has been leaked that will seek maximum contract in the summer! Somewhere here, then, is good to have everyone in mind two aspects: 1. Last October the Thompson reportedly rejected a proposal for a 4-year contract worth 52 million. Dollars from the Cavs and 2. The representative happens to represent the LeBron James, the star of the Cavs to declare during the playoffs that he expects to stay o Thompson in the group.


The Thompson is certainly not the only one who will employ the Cavs, who have to deal with more cases of Shumpert and Dellavedova. And the truth is that they would like to keep both in their classrooms. The point is, however, in what (financial) cost. That’s because you may need to manually put deep to succeed, since both Shumpert and the Dellavedova saw (and) their own shares to go up with appearances they made the playoffs. But if you suddenly found a group to offer to someone of the two big money, maybe the Cavs not able to keep them, mainly because they have already committed their entire Salar Cup in five of LeBron, Kyrie Irving, Love, Thompson and Varejao .


And Blatt?

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The case of the technical team, David Blatt, is also of particular interest. Could anyone say of course that can not be disputed coach who brought a group to the NBA Finals. However, the other side of the Atlantic has been reported in different ways that position sometimes technical is not safe, especially because reportedly has lost the respect of his players.


The truth of course is that no member of the Cavs has not said publicly ugly word for the team coach. In many, however, complete freedom of movement LeBron shows to a degree that Blatt is the latter … wheel of the trolley. It can of course not the case. However, there is not to mention the fact that more and more often written that it is very likely that the rookie coach not located in Cleveland’s bench next season.


A “hot” summer

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Bet companies in the US have already anoint the Cavaliers favorite for the title next season. And support this view logic that next year will be healthy and Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao, something that will give more depth to the team. The issue of course is that to apply all this, should in principle be left whole trunk group!


The coming summer will be particularly “hot” for the Cavs, who have many open fronts. Given of course that Irving is tied to a contract and – logically everything – will stay the LeBron, then it becomes clear that it is easier to program the Cleveland. This does not mean that the managers of the Cavaliers did not have a job ahead of them.


The season just completed is certainly successful for Cleveland, which however is now required to build on this year’s course, to be able next year to make the extra step. And this is another course from winning the title of champion of NBA. But to do this you need several (financial) sacrifices …