Brazil that we knew,…. “died» (vid)

8 July 2015

“What do they eh?” Cried the people watching TV. Only … day of mourning was not for the Brazilian nation. The “selesao” we knew, “died” as today a year ago in the World Cup hosted by the country …

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Weeping well but of Belo Horizonte was not endless for those with yellow jerseys.

From the excitement and hopes for qualification and presence in the final of Maracana in front of the people, came to Brazil humiliated by German … motorbikes that were so, not only enforceable but also cause irreparable damage to the ” selesao ‘.

Like today, then, on 08.07.2014, at last year’s World Cup, organizers and subjugated to shame …

Until the first half hour, with four goals in 15 minutes, the “Panzer” had taken precedence five goals. Miroslav Klose with goals scored surpassed the “phenomenon”, Ronaldo, to list the most goals in a World Cup and the whole Joachim Lev, making party and showdown came in the final 7-1.