The champion Bolt makes video bombing on BBC

28 July 2015

Jusein Bolt-sports-people re-el magazineThe Jamaican athlete who carries the title of the fastest man on the planet, decided to follow this fashion the bombing video….read more



A “surprise” for Blatter (video)

26 July 2105

blater-sports-people re-el magazineNeither in his nightmares Sepp Blatter could not imagine his surprise, at the press conference ….read more



Grinder with….De Chea

25 July 2015

De Chea-sports-people re-el magazineLuis fans Chaal stated that he expects De Chea to be ready for the premiere against Tottenham… more



Lim, Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester Utd (pics + vid)

24 July 2015

cristiano ronaldo-sports-people re-el magazineThe businessman from Singapore, is considered as one of the richest people of his country,….read more



Kobe Bryant went to… Barcelona! (Video)

23 July 2015

Kobe Bryant-sports-people re-el magazineKobe Bryant had the chance to hold on his hands the shirt of his beloved Barcelona, as he ….read more



Wild plywood between Shaq – Pipen

22 July 2015

saq-pippen-photo 1-people re-el magazineA comment of Shaquille O’Neal in instagram launched a fierce counter between former Lakers player….read more



New surgery for Pele

19 July 2015

pele-sports-people re-el magazineNew hospitalization for Pele, as announced by press officer of the hospital ” Albert Einstein ‘….read more



Spain: Bartomeou reelected to the presidency of FC Barcelona

19 July 2015

giozep-maria-mpartomeou-sports-people re-el magazineTriumphantly re-elected president of the Barcelona Giozep Maria Bartomeou in today’s elections ….read more



FIBA accepted Jordan in the Hall of Fame

18 July 2015

Michael+Jordan-sports-people re-el magazineInternational Basketball Federation announced that in September Michael Jordan will be entered into ….read more



Julian Draxler and Mario Goetze in the list of Juventus

17 July 2015

julian-draxler-mario-goetze-514-sports-people re-el magazineIn the German league turn around … look Juventus, which examines cases of Julian Draxler and Mario Goetze… more




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