The top 10 cuisines in greatest demand worldwide!

28 June 2015

The food is without doubt one of the greatest pleasures in our life, and activates all the senses in one or another way. And may our prehistoric ancestors was keen hunters and selection margins were limited as to what would include dinner, but nowadays there is a large variety of options around the world – from the way of cooking and the ingredients until serving and the decoration of dishes. However, the food has a different charm, offering people the opportunity to socialize and gain new experiences, always bypassing the time it takes someone to “wash the dishes!” Cuisines from different parts of the world have unique tastes, given the diversity of preferences of people or materials available, while restaurants internationally endeavor to offer rich culinary experience to their customers. In this exquisite “multiculturalism” some dishes but also many cuisines have spread around the world, creating a list of  a top 10 of them that have the highest demand internationally.

10. Greek cuisine

The ancient Greeks ate five meals every day, achieving a perfect balance between meat and vegetables in their dishes, proven nowadays healthy and refreshing. The reduction of heart disease associated with the intake of these foods, while the Greek olive oil is a top choice worldwide as an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. In addition, fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, dairy and fish make up a large variety of appetizers that really make Greek cuisine unrivaled worldwide, with the classic “Greek salad” to hold supremacy in the larger restaurants in the world!

9. Spanish cuisine


The Spanish cuisine is distinguished for its Mediterranean character, with an emphasis on fish and seafood and popular dish famous paella, known around the world in different variations. The famous “tapas” keep the lead in “fast snack”, having its bread and a wide variety of cheeses, sausages and vegetables to accompany. Olive oil, herbs and plenty of garlic complement the dishes and the famous Spanish desserts stand the Catalan cream, various puddings and delicious cakes with a wide variety of fillings.

8. Mexican cuisine

And just the thought of Mexican cuisine certainly leads many of us to a glass of water …! Spicy dishes, with plenty of chili and black beans can make you sweat a little … But surely unforgettable. The Mexican cuisine is heavily influenced by the cuisine of Texas and the Spanish. Nachos, burritos and fajitas have a field day, always accompanied by tequila. Various flavors and colorful presentations are the basis of Mexican cuisine, while strange animals and insects are not missing from the menu.

7. Lebanese cuisine

The Lebanese cuisine is the real “face” of Arab culinary arts. The secret lies in the fresh fruit and vegetables, and chicken and white meat used much more than red meat. Most dishes, in fact, depend on the season and the geographical location. Plenty of spices, such as garlic and other herbs, complemented by olive oil and lemon juice, exalt each dining experience! Cream and other fatty substances are not used in large quantities, while pies replace most of the time … spoon and fork! Arak is the national drink of Lebanese and ice cream stand their accompanying highly the syrupy sweet.

6. Chinese cuisine

Almost 33% of the world population prefers Chinese cuisine and offers a rich, tasty and affordable meal. As China is a very large country, each region has its own unique flavors. From a bowl of rice, a staple food and goes with almost everything up soups, sweet and sour pork or chicken, seafood, meat and pasta, all make an appearance in a Chinese meal. The secret except accompanying sauces, good cutting of materials such that they do not require cutlery. Tea and fried ice cream complement an otherwise complete dining experience.

5. Japanese Cuisine

Contrary to popular belief that Japanese cuisine is nothing more than … sushi and sashimi, you will be pleasantly surprised by all the dishes you see on the table. Fish and seafood have a field day, while the meat is clearly used less. Soy beans, white rice and steamed seaweed found in almost every meal, and the great love of the Japanese pickles and mushrooms and leaves little choice to accompany the main dishes. The bread is increasingly gaining in popularity, while the ginger, rice vinegar and sauce lend their special flavors in Japanese cuisine.

4. Indian cuisine

Perhaps the most misunderstood cuisine in the world, totally interwoven with curry, spices and chili, leaves and little choice. Roast chicken or meat, lentils, cabbage, potatoes and okra are the materials contained in the most common Indian dishes, while the herbs, onions, garlic and mustard are the basic ingredients used for their flavoring. The pies are top choice and a thick drink yoghurt is the ideal digestif after a spicy meal.

3. Thai cuisine

If you have in mind dishes where the flavors are transferred from fresh to salt and vice versa, with intense bitter notes at the end, the Thai cuisine suits you perfectly, as it manages to balance all tastes in one dish! Thais prefer light meals with an emphasis on flavor. Chili, lemons, coconut milk, pineapple, rice and fish are the main ingredients of dishes with spices to vary each time the end result.

2. French cuisine

The French are known for their artistic concerns at all levels. So the kitchen is for them a high art form. Cheese and red wine lend exotic flavors in the majority of dishes, butter is one of the key ingredients for creating rich sauces and other appetizers. The French cuisine aims to offer high quality cuisine, giving less emphasis on quantity of food. So full fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables along with a small amount of meat or poultry is the main theme of French recipes. Garlic, tomatoes, olive oil and herbs “compliment” the already perfect line of cooking.

1. Italian cuisine


No, it’s not the pizza that brings Italian cuisine first on the list of international preferences! The Italian cuisine is famous for the numerous types of cheese and sausages available, which, combined with fresh vegetables, olive oil, aromatic herbs and unmatched spaghetti pasta creating unforgettable! Great variety of species, lasagne, ravioli or tortellini, spaghetti, cannelloni noodles either making cold or hot dishes … claims capable enchant even the most demanding palate! Ending with an aromatic espresso and a ball parfait ice cream which complete the experience of Italian cuisine.