Chicken Fajitas

20 October 2015

chicken-fajitas-recipes-people re-el magazineYay, chicken fajitas! So easy to make, and so quick. A little bit of back story. The word “fajita” means “little belt”….read more



Kale Waldorf Salad

18 October 2015

kale-waldorf-salad-horiz-recipes-people re-el magazineCome fall, one of our favorite things to make with the apples and walnuts from our trees is a Waldorf salad….read more



Roasted Chicken with Apricot Glaze

11 October 2015

roasted-chicken-apricot-glaze-horiz-recipes-people re-el magazineYou know the easiest way to make a simple roast chicken something worthy of fancy dinner party?….read more



Ginger Sesame Garlic Shrimp

5 October 2015

ginger-sesame-garlic-shrimp-horiz-a-recipes-people re-el magazineIn a hurry? I get it. Some days there just isn’t enough time to get everything done that needs to be done!….read more



Broccoli Cheddar Bites

29 September 2015

broccoli-cheddar-bites-horiz-recipes-people re-el magazineDo you like broccoli? I LOVE, seriously love broccoli. Favorite way to eat it? Steamed, served with a little mayo….read more



Beef Brisket Pot Roast

22 September 2015

beef-brisket-pot-roast-method-recipes 2-people re-el magazineBeef brisket is a fabulous cut of meat. The brisket is located between the shoulders and the forelegs of the steer;….read more



Barbecued Chicken on the Grill

5 September 2015

barbecued-chicken-grill-vertical-recipes-people re-el magazineAlong with hot dogs and hamburgers, barbecued chicken is about as classic as it gets when it comes time for….read more



How to make your own Ferrero Roche;

8 August 2015

fererro rosse recipes people re-el magazine Ingredients: 120 g. hazelnuts, 200 g. Nutella, 70 g. Wafers with cocoa cream filling, 350 g. couverture milk …read more



Spinach tart!

4 August 2015

spinach tart recipes people re-el magazineWhat we need:1 large package of toast bread (rye), 2-3 pounds of spinach (for a large pan)….read more



King Steaks

28 July 2015

Steaks-recipes-people re-el magazineMaterials: 4 steaks (600 g.), 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, 50ml semi-skimmed milk….read more




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