Lamb with eggplant and plums!

20 July 2015

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1-2 pounds of lamb shanks, cut into portions
6 eggplant
oil for frying eggplant
12 pitted prunes
1 large onion, grated
1 small cup of olive oil
1 wine glass of white wine
½ pound fresh tomatoes
1 tsp. tablespoons tomato paste
½ tsp. teaspoon cinnamon
Salt Pepper
1 tsp. tablespoons dried mint

Step 1
Wash and wipe thoroughly pieces of meat. Cut into chunks tomatoes, go them through the blender and collect the juice. Dissolve the tomato paste in a wine glass of water.

Step 2
Peel eggplant, cut into chunks, salt them in a colander and let the bitterness for half an hour at least. Rinse with water, squeeze and fry in plenty of oil, without the floured. The rest onto absorbent kitchen paper to strained juices.

Step 3
In a large pot add the oil and heat it. Place the portions of a few little-lamb gently until be browned. Then pull them on a platter. Discard the pot half the oil and add the remaining grated onion and plums. Brown them gently and allow the to rise a little. Put back again the portions of meat and stir.

Step 4
Add the white wine. Stir and allow to boil. Simultaneously pour into cinnamon and crushed tomatoes. Allow them to get a good boil, add the tomato paste diluted in water, salt and pepper and cook food at moderate heat for about 1 hour. If necessary add some water during cooking.

Step 5
When the meat become tender pour into the eggplant, gently so as not to dissolve. Put them into the sauce and sprinkle with dried mint. Continue cooking for about 10-15 minutes. Serve on a platter by putting around the eggplant and the lamb in the center. Pour the food with the sauce and if you want serve it with a snow-white rice.