The 10 Most Badass Moments From Demi Lovato’s ‘Confident’ Video

Don’t ‘underrate’ this magnificently renegade video.

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11 October 2015

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On Friday, Demi Lovato premiered her new video for “Confident,” the title track from her upcoming album due out October 16. It was, as we’d hope, quite badass, and in all seriousness, probably four to five points higher on the badass scale than we could’ve imagined. Demi is (rightfully) very proud of it.

But no matter how times we’ve watched it, we can’t stop reliving the sheer badassery of the whole thing. And why would we want to? That’s why we GIFed out the most extreme, intense and, yes,badass moments below. Enjoy them. Send them to your friends as reactions online or in texts. It’s what Demi would have wanted.

1 The Head Nod

This is one of our first looks at Demi in the video, so it sets a pretty fierce tone for what’s to come.

2 The Branding

After her “pardon,” Demi’s flesh is branded — but she doesn’t even have any f–ks to give.

3 The Suit-Up

Just like Batman. Or Batgirl. Or Trinity from “The Matrix.”

4 The Smackdown

Despite her goons turning on her, Demi still lays all of them down with her total badass moves — well OK, almost all of them.

5 That LOOK Though

So she’s been re-captured, but Demi’s not about to let that little setback slow her down…

6 The Blast

…as she proves mere seconds later. Ain’t no stopping Demi’s confidence now.

7 The Punch

Much as Demi is tough as nails in the vid, co-star Michelle Rodriguez is just that much tougher.

8 The Handshake

But the two adversaries realize they’re much stronger as a team. Shadowy government dudes beware! They’re comin’ for ya.

9 The Clean Up

Because somebody had to take out the trash.

10 The Farewell

Confidence, baby. Sheer confidence.

Tags:free music search, music the music, live music, music videos





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