Prodigy: From now on only EP from us, never again album!

17 July 2015

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Liam Howlett and Maxim of Prodigy recently gave an interview in which they spoke, inter alia, for their thoughts about begining now to move from their music with slightly different manner.

They stated that the whole process of recording of an entire disc is now not only outdated but also… boring.

The specific Howlett said “We do not want to still deal with writing a disc. Personally I get unbearably bored with this. What we can do is to release an EP to be completed more quickly. Yes, this will be the best solution for everyone. ” And Maxim added that “A disc can take you 5 years to complete. However, people are hungry. We are hungry for music. It is better to do things quickly and let the music to circulate. ”

Apart from how they see themselves in the music industry the band believes that the fall of albums began 10 years ago with the spread of the Internet and continues rapidly until today. And this is a situation that will not change.