Logic Calls Father’s Day ‘Just Another Day Of The Week’ — And He’s Not Alone

21 June 2015

The ‘Under Pressure’ rapper opens up to MTV News about how he’s overcome countless challenges.

For many of us, Father’s Day means spending countless hours finding just the right greeting card or tie for a deserving dad. But for Logic, this holiday has meant something quite different for a long time.

“I never had a dad,” the Maryland MC told MTV News when we caught up with him last month. “It’s just another day of the week. It’s very simple. That might sound kind of f–ked up, but it’s just another day of the week for me.”

The Under Pressure rapper has documented his strained relationship with his father, Bobby Hall, on songs like “Growing Pains III” and “Under Pressure.” Hall was absent and addicted to drugs for much of the Maryland MC’s life. Neglected and distraught, Logic often looked to the heavens for answers.

“I always used to ask God, ‘Why would you put me in this f–ked up situation?’ ” he remembered. “Even as a child, I would ask that. Like, ‘Why is this my life?’ ”

Logic Isn’t The Only One
While some children with absent fathers can rely on moms for support, Logic’s mother was also dealing with her own addictions. She once reportedly nearly choked him to death and sometimes dated men who brutally abused her.

As tragic as it is, Logic’s household turmoil isn’t unique. Approximately 18 million children lived with a single female parent in 2011, according to a 2014 Census report. More than 3 million children lived with neither parent. As the numbers show, Father’s Day — and Mother’s Day for that matter — isn’t a picture-perfect holiday for everyone.

How The ’Under Pressure’ MC Overcame His Challenges
Like Logic, many fatherless children have likely asked why their dads were absent. But the Visionary CEO — who’s working on what could be his happiest album to date — said he’s no longer as perplexed by his childhood and adolescent struggles these days.

“I didn’t get it, but now I do,” he said. “I write about it. It’s my job to help others.”

And he’s also realized that he has a chance to turn the negatives in his life into positives.

“When I think about Father’s Day or birthdays or Christmas, or all the things that I never had, I think about my fiancee,” he said. “I think about my friends. I think about the kids that I will have and what Father’s Day will mean for me or what these things are going to mean to me. That’s what I think about.”

Source: www.mtv.com