Trailer: Ben Stiller is back as Derek «Zoolander

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3 August 2015

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Yes, Zoolander returns in February 2016!

“It’s been ten years and most part of the film takes place in Europe,” Ben Stiller says. “Basically there are Derek and Hansel ten years later. The film had happy endings, but many things have happened in between. It’s a new world for them ”

The trailer of «Zoolander II» or maybe «2oolender»?

The names of Will Ferrell and Penelope Cruz have confirmed for the sequel.

It is worth to remember how Stiller and Wilson, crashes the catwalks of Valentino in Paris, pretending Derek and Hansel in order to announce the new “Zoolander” in last February!

What would be better way to announce?

Apparently Derek and Hansel have come to terms on #Zoolander2 😗

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Tags:movies, movie trailer, free movie watch, free movie




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