12 Rounds 3: Lockdown Clip Featuring WWE’s Dean Ambrose

11 August 2015

12roundsheader-movies-people re-el magazineLionsgate and WWE Films have provided with an exclusive clip for their upcoming….read more




10 August 2015


In his first directorial attempt Jon Stewart paid tribute to the trial of the journalist Maziar Allspice,…read more



‘Fantastic Four’: What We Know About What Went Wrong

9 August 2015

fantastic-four-2015-trailers1-movies people re-el magazineTwentieth Century Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four isn’t the best-reviewed superhero movie of 2015 and ….read more



‘Captain America: Civil War’ Teams Revealed – Who is Fighting Who?

8 August 2015

civil-war-movies-people re-el magazineCaptain America: Civil War will be the cinematic incarnation of those early morning debates you used to….read more



Jolie-Pitt: The trailer of their new movie broke all viewing records (video)

8 August 2015

Angelina jolie-Brand Pit-movies-people re-el magazineAlthough it has released just one day, the trailer of the new film by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ….read more



‘Gambit’ Eyes Lea Seydoux, Rebecca Ferguson and Abbey Lee for Lead Role

7 August 2015

Rebecca-Ferguson-movies-people re-el magazineLast week, when news broke that Channing Tatum might be leaving Gambit, there was a little extra piece….read more



‘Empire’ Season 2 Drip-Drops Full Trailer, Possible Companion Series In Development

7 August 2015

empire-cast-inline-movies people re-el magazineEmpire Season 2 proved surprisingly generous in debuting its first trailer early, but it’s gloves off,….read more



‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Trailer: The Millennium Falcon Vs. Slave I

6 August 2015

‘Star Wars Battlefront’-movies-people re-el magazineThis new aerial combat trailer for Star Wars Battlefront depicts some dogfights over the skies of ….read more



S— Just Got Real: ‘Bad Boys 3’ and ‘Bad Boys 4’ Set For 2017 and 2019

6 August 2015

bad-boys-3-movies-people re-el magazineWe have been hearing rumblings that Bad Boys 3 was one the way for the better part of a decade now….read more



Deadpool’ Trailers: We Can Make You Better

5 August 2015

Deadool-Trailer-Flying-Gunshot-movies-people re-el magazineFirst there was the leaked Deadpool test footage that we had heard described in a positive light many times….read more




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