First trailer for the shocking “Son of Saul” by Laszlo Nemea

26 July 2105

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The incredible directorial debut from Hungary, honored with the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes festival, which forced us to rethink the way in which we confront the horrors of the Holocaust in cinema today has its first trailer .

With squared frame 1.33, from the first half of film history, the 38-year-old Nemea depicts the deadly routine of Saul prisoner (played by the writer Geza Rerigk) at Auschwitz.

Where being along with other  inmates Jews, he undertakes by the Nazis the hideous work leading to the gas chambers fellows and then helps in collecting the corpses and cleaning the chamber for the next batch of victims. The devitalized by emotions, robotics involvement in the This creepy, massive death production machine breaks the view of a boy through the pile, which Saul recognizes as his son.

From that point, he endeavours to offer at all costs the least and yet almost impossible, due to the circumstances, a normal burial.

The (first) trailer «Son of Saul»

The film newcomer Laszlo Nemea, who has studied next to Bela Tarr, was not to excel only thanks to the construction peculiarities but also to reverse the way in which the cinema revives hitherto hell of the Holocaust and the concentration camps and goes up to the Grand Prize of committee chairmen, the brothers Coen.

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes