Exclusive New Knock Knock Poster

Keanue experiences a domestic disturbance

20 June 2015

Eli Roth’s new movie, Knock Knock, is a home invasion thriller that finds Keanu Reeves as Evan Webber, a man who would seem to have life all worked out. He’s married to a wonderful woman, has two great kids, loves his job and even designed his own house. And as you can probably tell from this new poster, freshly landed with us from the man who directed it, things will be staying that way for precisely no time at all.

Video Source: youtube

When Webber answers the door to two young women, played by Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas, things take dark turn. From there, his world turns into a twisted nightmare as events turn weird. The two sirens seduce and then begin a series of torments that will find him desperately trying to fight back.

We’re promised more psychological terror than gore on this one, and the teaser leaves enough to the imagination. Written by Roth with his Aftershock and Green Inferno collaborators Guillermo Amoedo and Nicolas Lopez, Knock Knock won admirers at Sundance. It lands in UK cinemas on June 26.

Source: www.empireonline.com