Beast returns! First photos from “Victor Frankenstein”

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29 July 2015

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James Makavoi and Daniel Radcliffe is ready to commit film “hubris”!

Victor Frankenstein is back and we have the first photos of the film version of the novel of Mary Shelley!

In the new and freer adaptation, James Makavoi is a dashing scientist who reaches in hubris, creating life and Daniel Radcliffe who makes every new step of moving further away from standardization of Harry Potter is his assistant who answers to the name … Igor! Besides every Gothic story that respects its roots must have an Igor.

Dressed in leather, Frankenstein creates the Monster, a creature of the Industrial Revolution, that through the smoke and the metal will punish the Creator. “Both the Beast, and Igor are creations of Frankenstein” says Makavoi. “I find the idea fascinating and the script is funny and dark, with a nice, cool way.”he addes.

“Victor Frankenstein” is directed by Paul MakGkigkan (“The bet Slevin”), its scenario is by Max Ladis and the premiere is expected in October 2015.

movies-people re-el magazine

movies-people re-el magazine

movies-people re-el magazine

movies-people re-el magazine

movies-people re-el magazine

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes




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