USA: Teenager survived after aircraft fall

She had to walk alone for two days to find help

15 July 2015

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In shock and severe burns hospitalized the 16 year old who survived the crash in the mountains of the small aircraft in which she was traveling and had to walk alone for two days to find herself in culture and to seek help.

Otomn Vits survived as applied techniques that she had learned by watching television broadcasts for survival in the wild: follow the river flow and managed to reach a road in the state of Washington in the northwestern United States. From there a car driver transfer her to a local grocery store where she alerted the authorities.

The 16 year-old is with her grandfather and grandmother, Leland and Sharon Baumann, 62 and 63, who had started on Saturday with a small aircraft searching from Montana in neighboring Washington State. According to the newspaper Seattle Times, for unknown reasons the plane crashed in North Cascade.

Live from the rubble

Otomn came out alive from the rubble. “We fell and I was the only who got out alive,” she told to the rescuers who transferred her to the city hospital Briouster. She had burns on hand, many bruises and scratches everywhere.

Her father, David Vits, who rushed to her side, explained to reporters: “We follow many survival emissions in the wild nature…”.

The wreckage of the plane has not yet found and the authorities are not able to confirm what happened to the grandfather and grandmother of teens, or to clarify the causes of the accident.

Rick Lentouk, the shop owner who informed the authorities, recounted that the 16 year old remembered only that she was flying among the clouds and then saw the crash. “She told me that it was an accident and the last two days she followed a creek that turned into river. After she found a path that took her to a highway and waited there until someone stops to get her. ”

When arrived at the shop, Otomn was “in shock”.
“She had eaten nothing for two days. I have heard incredible stories in Cascade, but this surpasses all them, “he concluded.