Immigrants died from dehydration in Niger

They tried to cross the Sahara and travel to Europe

17 June 2015

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Thirty-three immigrants died from dehydration, on the border between Niger and Algeria, in their attempt to cross the Sahara on their journey towards Europe. Based on calculations of international organizations, the dead in this area approaching 50.

Many thousands of refugees trying to cross the desert to reach the Libyan coast and from there to start the too dangerous journey by sea to Europe.

In addition to the 18 found dead last week, six foreigners were found dead near the road connecting Agadez and the Libyan border on 12 May and 9 June 2, specified in a statement of the Interior Ministry, which notes that it also ignored luck 4 people.

“The use of the roads are not safe and the refusal to follow the army motorcades always a cause of these tragedies,” it is added.

In statement of  the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that 30 migrants found dead in Sahara near Dirk in Niger on Monday, with whom the number of dead that have been found in this country this year was 48. According to IOM, another 18 immigrants were found dead on Sunday near Arlit, in the way to Algeria.

Also, according to the representative of IOM Joel Milman is likely, given the information from other sources and immigrants, immigrants who have lost their lives this year in Niger desert to be much more than 48.

“We know that there is an increase of traffickers in the desert area to Libya. We believe that the death toll estimate is less than the real reason of the fact that it is a remote area that is difficult to control, “he told to Reuters.

The numbers of the government of Niger and IOM differ, but both paint a picture of the tragedy unfolding in the Sahara desert.