The tycoon Donald Trump presidential candidate US

18 June 2015

Nomination for the US presidency raised the afternoon Tuesday by the 69-year-old billionaire Donald Trump. He promises to do it again great America.

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With a promise to restore the greatness of the United States, the 69-year-old billionaire Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States toward Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

“Officially I put candidacy for president of the United States. It can do it again our country great, “he said in a speech in Trump Tower headquarters of its operations on Fifth Avenue in New York. Referring to Greece said that “the country can not be saved.”

The speech that left the reporters speechless

His speech application left speechless journalists as billionaire expressed bizarre views. Among the most bizarre points of his speech was when he claimed that “the US is a country of the Third World” and when announced it will build a new Great Wall on the border with Mexico to stop migration flows and even that will force the Mexican government if the fund.

Journalists were surprised when they heard him saying that unemployment in the country has reached 18-20%, while everyone knows that is 4%.


The birth of a tycoon

people re-el magazine

Melania Naus Trump

The 65 years old Donald Trump with five children, two divorces and last marriage to 24 years younger Melania the temple, a former model from Slovenia combines all the necessary elements of a tycoon.

With roots from Germany and Scotland, Trump is a native New Yorker, having been born in Queens. After the university has dealt with his father’s brokerage firm that rented homes in Brooklyn and Queens. Since 1971, Trump began to deal with the construction of large buildings and a little later with a favorable tax break from the government, turned the bankrupt Commmodore Hoter the impressive Grand Hyatt.


Bankruptcy and the new rise


The course of the businesses was not a bed of roses … At least not always. In the late 80s, the large correction in property prices brought the Trump Organisation verge of dissolution with debts reaching 2 billion resulting three casinos – among which the legendary Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, but and the airline’s company Trump Shuttle to close.

With difficulty the Trump managed to stand on his feet again and re-build his empire by building hotels in Hawaii, Chicago, Toronto and Florida. In October 2007 Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $ 3 billion. Since 2011 the net value of the property is estimated between 2.9 and 7 billion. But it is not only the real estate. He has lent his name to a range of products, from clothes and drinks up golf clubs.


Unsettled life and political aspirations

In intense personal life includes two divorces cost him dearly, the extramarital relationships of all five children. The American television audiences saw him in 2003 when Trump has undertaken to present the reality show on businesses entitled «The Apprentice».

It not only had won Donald Trump was the policy. He always was fascinated by it but not decided. Already in 2010 he had expressed interest to come down on the 2012 presidential election, envious example of Texan industrialist Ross Peru. Eventually not decided. But now the time to dare and now standing on the starting line next to two magnates of politics. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.